What I Use and Recommend for Photography


By popular demand, I have created a post detailing the equipment I use often and not so often and why. My equipment has changed multiple times over the years and continues to change as I continue to grow. This list does not include studio equipment I use.

What I Currently Use

  • Camera Body: Sony A7RIII

    I first changed from Nikon to Sony several years ago after discovering the joy of mirrorless cameras – They are wonderful to travel with due to their lighter weight and smaller sizes. I just upgraded to the Sony A7RIII (Sonys newest mirrorless camera) early in 2018 and have loved the images the camera produces. The A7RIII boasts many new upgrades and is worth considering if you are in the market for a new camera or are considering transitioning from DSLR.

  • Sony/Zeiss FE 16-35mm f/4 lens

    I use this lens primarily as my wide landscape and night photography lens. Although the aperture could be lower for an astrophotography lens I find it works very well paired with my A7RIII

  • Sony FE 24-105mm f/4 lens

    This lens is my primary lens and also my powerhouse! This lens can do it all – from street, landscape, wildlife, portraiture and anything in between this lens performs exceptionally well. If I was to only own one lens, this would be the one.

  • Sony/Zeiss FE 55mm f/1.8 lens 

    This lens is my prime lens for portraiture work. It produces sharp, beautiful images consistently in any lighting situation. I use this lens both for studio work and outdoor locations.

  • Sony FE 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6 GM lens

    This lens is my largest and it typically used in portraiture but primarily in landscapes I want to compress and wildlife photography.

  • Vanguard Pro Tripod 236AB 

    My primary tripod I use for photos. It can reach over 6 foot 5 inches and is extremely sturdy with a wonderful ballhead. If theres one piece of advice I can give you: Don’t cheap out on a tripod!

  • Lens Filters: Hoya PRO filters 

    Including Polarizers and Neutral Density in multiple stops. I do not use variable density filters as I find they depreciate the photo immensely. Instead I purchase each stop of neutral density filters I need individually. Again, do not skimp on filters – they can make or break a photo as well.

  • Travel Backpack: LowePro 250AW

    This backpack has been all over the place with me! It is small and sturdy enough to be considered a personal item on an airplane, can carry small essential items such as keys, travel documents, small laptop and your phone as well as the majority of your essential camera gear.

  • Main Backpack: ThinkTank Street Walker

    This backpack is a dream come true! Although it is a bit bulky looking when it is on your back it carries all of my equipment! There are tons of compartments for laptops, water bottles, tripods, cleaning supplies and extras including pens, cloths and memory cards.

  • Drone: DJI Spark 

    Although I am still in the process of learning aerial photography it has been an exceptional learning experience using DJIs intro line of drones. The spark fits in the palm of your hand and can be operated via remote or cellphone for ease of use. Plus it comes in amazing colours – Love it!

  • Flash: Godox V860II

    My off camera flash is an off brand but performs just as well as Sony flash systems – what I love about this flash is it uses a rechargeable battery instead of AA batteries, and the battery lasts far longer than other battery dependent flashes I have used.

  • GoPro: Hero Session 4

    I have had this GoPro for years and have only used it a handful of times – I blame it on forgetting this tiny little camera when I head out skiing or on a hike! I vow to take it with me more often this year. The video quality on these cameras are extremely impressive, same with the price point.

  • Editing Software: Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop

    I have used Lightroom since the beginning of my career and have loved the ease of use and organizing scheme. I highly recommend Lightroom and Photoshop for editing – there are many online classes to teach you how to use these programs easily.

What I Recommend for Starting


I exclusively work with mirrorless cameras for all of my work and love Sony! The camera that made me fall in love with Sony was the Sony a6000 with thousands of 5 star reviews and the under $1,000 price point this camera is extremely appealing to any photographer. This camera can be purchased as a kit that includes a 16-55mm lens as well as a 55-210mm lens! This can cover a wide variety of photography including landscape, wildlife, portraiture and more. Work with this camera or any camera you may have available to you and your equipment until you feel like you have “grown out” of your equipment and upgrade!



7 thoughts on “What I Use and Recommend for Photography

  1. Kristin In Motion says:

    I love reading posts like this. I’m only barely starting to understand all the technicalities of photography so I understand more and more every time! Thanks for sharing!


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