About Me

I am Rebecca.

I was raised in a small town in British Columbia, Canada called Kimberley.

After high school I left the mountains in pursuit of higher education and moved to the prairies; Lethbridge, Alberta where I lived for over 5 years.

In that time I obtained both a diploma in the medical field as well as my bachelor degree in Criminal Justice.

My pursuit for education hasn’t stopped there; I currently am a graduate student pursuing my Masters in Psychology.

I began photography as a way to document my travels and hiking ventures deep into the backcountry.

What began as just a hobby shooting landscape photography has turned into a profession for me that I am entirely grateful for.

I learned, refined and sharpened my technique through workshops, courses and other working professionals to gather a better understanding of the art of photography and what it truly means to be a photographer.

I have travelled to some pretty cool places.

And in that, I have gained invaluable experience and wisdom that I cherish and carry with me through my everyday life.

I primarily travel alone, and although that may not be what everyone enjoys or thinks would be ideal, it is what brings me true freedom and happiness.

I love new experiences

I want to try it all once.

Aside from photography, travelling and hiking I enjoy yoga, paddleboarding, archery, mountaineering, video games and cooking.

I am always looking for new experiences, new places to go, new foods to try and new ways to learn and grow.